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Anne Jones

Anne Jones

Female. Lives in Cockburn, Western Australia, Australia. Born on February 22, 1975.
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Anne Jones
Thank God Ellie left that dickhead Ben on MAFS last night
Peter Vincent
She's chillin' with Jono at the moment
March 6, 2024
Brian Simmons
What a bloody useless mate
Andrew Egea
These people are too hasty in their sexual encounters.
March 6, 2024
Thomas Smith
Oh snap, she hooked up with him. Now it all makes sense what went down. Dude ain't feeling something about her body but can't spill the beans.
Lacking empathy and disregarding others' feelings.
Nick Stephenson
Jack is trouble with a capital T!
Seth Watson
jack is as foul as they come
James Pascoe
Total disaster.
There are basically two kinds of people on this show: sociopaths and idiots.
Scott Gillespie
This show is garbage, plain and simple. It's a joke on marriage.
Andrew Lee
"Oi, mate, that's bloody normal. Blokes acting like tour guides, flying in and out, probably never had a fair dinkum relationship where he's seen a sheila's true colours, ha! Fair dinkum."
Victor Gonzalez
The "so-called experts" ain't even calling out the whack behavior... young peeps be thinking it's all good... when it's definitely not cool!
March 6, 2024
they were like, "hey, come out here"
Can't believe people watch this, mate.
Colin Anderson
Who cares that she's with Johnno now?
Jim Parkinson
Saw him on an interview, he mentioned having a toothache and bad editing on his "list", but overall he seems like a good guy.
Luke Henderson
I am still shocked by the viewership.
Christian Jones
Flickering flame, captivated at first glance
Steve Mitchell
She was jilted in real life, so she's not easy to handle.
March 6, 2024
Xavier Bradford
They're all feeling under the weather.
Chris Bell
The whole "money show" is like a planned disaster waiting to happen!
Andrew Southwell
Why they gotta hook up if they're just testin' things out and ain't gonna commit to each other?
Ben Hogan
But now Ben has gotten himself a new sheila.
James White
He looks like a creep with his mean face.
Mark Taylor
What happens in private is a mystery to others.
This is complete nonsense! The woman is apparently already hooking up with someone from that garbage show MAFS. How dumb can she be? It's all fake drama.
March 6, 2024
She quickly got over it with Jono.
March 6, 2024
We're being manipulated into thinking this is new information - I'm done.
Adam Carter
I wonder if he'll be the first one to start his OnlyFans page!
Salvatore Giordano
This program is dumb, man.
Mitchell Spencer
I didn't have a gander at the yarn, but just the headline was enough to get me pondering.
Anika Stoffberg
The idea of reality TV being considered news is mind-blowing. I'm more interested in hearing more about that new cancer cure that's going into trials soon.
Anthony de Angelis
LOL, the mafs peeps and the so-called experts got everyone twisted, setting up the baby fever chick with the wishy-washy dude and then interrogating him for not being her dream guy.
You'd have to be missing a few marbles to even consider trying this junk.
Good on ya for leavin', Ellie. She's a real drongo. No doubt she'll be snuggling up with another "groom" in no time.
March 6, 2024
Matt Taylor
Blimey, those so-called "experts" really know how to choose 'em! They couldn't have picked people with more dramas and paired two more different personalities if they tried. I mean, seriously, Tim is in desperate need of therapy – who in their right mind would match him with an unsuspecting marriage... View More
Caleb Harris
He's a sweet dude in person but man, this show is a hot mess! She's like the most yawn-inducing, me-me-me kinda girl who's all "poor me" and it's so fake and annoying. She's all about the whole fairy-tale dream of marriage and kids - seriously, put down the storybook and join the real world, girl!
Why do they sleep together before getting to know each other, she seems desperate for babies and hoped he would be nice.
March 6, 2024
I knew he was odd. His eyes are way too close to each other.
They seek short-lived fame on the show, but forget that talent is also necessary for lasting success.
Brendan Shannon
The whole show is totally psycho!
Mark Tan
Can you imagine that people actually waste their time watching that manufactured garbage? Grab a book instead!
Max Collins
This ain't it for TV. The folks involved are just chasing clout for all the wrong reasons. They're just trying to get their moment in the spotlight. I think it's messed up that they're just trying to stir up drama and ratings instead of thinking about what message it's sending.
Anthony Mancini
Can I see more pictures of the so-called "Expert" making strange faces? I can't tolerate him in any way.
Aaron Bailey
The experts called out toxic behavior for the first time this year, leading to confusion for those who thought they could get away with it as they did in previous years.
Jack Martinez
You're a sad excuse for a dude, BEN! Man up and grow some balls!!!
Andrew Chilcott
Anyone stupid enough to be on this lame-ass TV show needs to get their vision checked before they join this messed up reality game.
Jimmy Bell
Oh man, those three aren't experts at all.
David Campbell
It's bloody funny how the mob that started this whole clash of behaviours is now chowing down on it.
John Kyrgios
Ben is on the hunt for a comfy couch!
Christopher Robson
Everyone would bolt from her.
Wayne Fleming
She totally signed off with "peace out" on the card - they're both equally sassy!
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